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Specialty Items Printed For You!

Specialty Items Printed For You!

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Please email me directly and I can create a person quote just for you, based on the print you would like.

If you have an object file you would like to print, please send it in your inquiry email.
If you are looking for things to print, you can find different items that have already been designed at the following sites:
And many more sites online.

I will print items that are:
Legal in the province of Ontario, in Canada
The desired item will fit on my printers, as they are 250mm wide by 250mm long by 350mm tall.

All printers are pre-set to print in PLA, but I can print in many different colored sections (meaning I can print different sections or items in different PLA colours, but not merged colours). If you are interested in particular colours, please make it known in your inquire email. Otherwise, all items requested will be printed in matt white.

My prices are as follows:
- $0.30 cents per gram of filament, unless it is a specialty colour. (Printer calculates estimated material before print).
- $1 per hour of printing (this is automatically estimated by the printer)

Unless otherwise asked, I print most items with a layer height of 0.2mm with a speed of 60mm/s, Any supports will be left on the finished item to offer protection during shipping. Please note, some items are in a none finished form, so if you wish to sand and paint. That being said, items will be as finely printed as to look clean as is (please look at example pictures).

I can design some items but this will come with an additional charge for design, and print. Your email should state what you are looking for, the measurements (a drawing can be helpful), and any special notes.


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